Content Summit

Coming in 2019


It’s early days for Content NZ so we’re still thinking through the content of our inaugural Content Summit, but here’s what we know you will get when you join us:

  • Heavy doses of inspiration
  • Stories from beyond home, Australasia and the United States
  • New ways of thinking about how you communicate with your audiences
  • Content creation tools to take away and put into action

Day One - Summit

We’ll curate the speakers so that you are exposed to diverse aspects of content marketing – everything from content creation that works to communications planning and advanced use of digital platforms to target audiences with sniper like accuracy.

Day Two - Workshops for Good

In this optional second day participants will apply their knowledge to a real problem for a non-profit organisation. You’ll be guided through a strategic content marketing plan and brainstorm ideas for content and channels. Our non-profits get access to your great thinking and you get a chance to cement your learning, connect with others and give something back. Win, win.

Inspired. Educated. Challenged. Networked. Hired. Accoladed.

Whatever you get, it’s got to be good for you.