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Marketing is a $700 billion global force. We believe that a world where marketing is focused on adding value to people’s lives is a better world. Done well, content marketing also helps organisations to get clear on their purpose, creates meaningful connections with their audience, and brings other benefits like increased loyalty, revenue and engagement (both internally and externally).

Our new a membership programme is based on three pillars: inspiration, community and upskilling. We believe that by openly sharing our knowledge and resources, we can move our whole industry to new places. And we know that each of us brings a unique perspective and a unique set of experiences.

We start face-to-face, creating a space to connect, share frustrations and offer solutions, to find new ways to collaborate and learn from each other. We've made this level of membership super-affordable so that it is inclusive.

If you want to go further, our upskilling memberships give you access to quarterly training workshops. These start with inspiration and finish with perspiration. You'll hear case studies from those at the top of the field and then get a chance to put learning into action with facilitated workshop time. You'll take away real learning that you can put to use for your own business or for your clients.

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